The Maloney Studio

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“Original Fine Art Oil Paintings of Florida and Colorado¬†Landscapes For Sale by Contemporary Artist Jerry Maloney”

The beautiful images of Florida and Colorado landscapes depicted in the fine art oil paintings displayed in this online gallery are about many things. When artist Jerry Maloney is asked what his paintings are about and the motivation behind them, he states that, “The paintings are mostly about nature. They are about the land, the water, the sky and everything that is alive within them. They are about the many things that make our planet an endless canvas of beauty. It may be impossible for an artist to recreate the grandeur of Colorado mountains or the brilliance of a Florida sunset, but it is those images that inspire me to capture in my oil paintings what Mother Nature does so effortlessly. The motivation for my original art comes from the need to record those images before they are sacrificed to the urban sprawl that has steadily consumed our planet and the life it has created. My desire is to somehow capture not only the beauty of nature, but also some of my feelings towards the wonderful places that I have been and seen. It is my hope that others will view my artwork and be able to share a small part of those feelings”. The talented artist’s paintings are all “one of a kind, fine art originals” and not reproduced in any manner. Mr. Maloney believes that the current trend followed by many artist, is to have their original work reproduced as a Giclee’ (a print on canvas) or to make endless paintings of their best sellers, just modifying the colors or minor details slightly and then calling them “originals”. The artist further states “that if an art buyer is willing to pay hundreds up to thousands of dollars for one of these so called “originals” he or she should consider buying a comparably pric.ed true, one of a kind original from an emerging artist such as myself or others. By doing so, he or she will have a painting that is not only unique, but one that has a greater potential to rise in value”